We are the pioneers in online tutoring bring best talent in each subject to teach the student from across the world. We also understood the importance of communication in the global work environment, so we bring American English teachers to teach English to students and believe it will help the students to develop the proper English pronunciation, grammar and improve English accent in international standard. We offer tuition for CBSE and all state boards students from 5th to K12 grades.

We also understood the importance of online one to one tuition for students that need attention, so we provide online one to one tutoring service from the selected pool of experienced and talented teachers to select and get tuition for the student at a rate the parent and the teacher agrees.

The tuition centers, parallel colleges and skilled specialized teachers can utilize our online services to conduct their classes online without any additional equipment or efforts. Please contact our office for the details of the services.

Since the Zkools focus is to provide the world standard online tuition and promote STEM education across the world, we are in the process to secure accreditation with Cognia, which is the largest and the most prestigious consortium of accredited schools in the world.

Zkools focus student’s regular school education, provide the best of the best teachers across the world to teach as supplement to the subject’s study in the school and mentor students, clarify class doubts by one-to-one basis and help in homework and test preparation.

Zkools charge a low monthly fee for a grade’s STEM subjects and not for one subject. We will focus on students learning and improvement in grade and do not limit by hours of teaching.

Zkools vision is to bring interest in students to advance STEM (science, technology, English and Mathematics) education, provide world class education to standout the students from other students across the word and we believe the right education will direct the students in that direction. The engagement of workers across the global in business need to speak the right English at the international standard and accent, so we introduce the English teaching by American English teachers.

Zkools offers online live tuition for STEM subjects only for the CBSE and All State Board students. The monthly tuition fee for each class includes the tuition for the following subjects:

Class 5 , 6 and 7 - English, Science and Mathematics

Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 - English, Physics, chemistry, Biology and Mathematics

We also offer 1 to 1 tutor service for those who wish to have private tuitions and select any subject for the tuitions, also have the ability to select the tutor as they want to teach the subject.

The tuition centers, Parallel colleges, professional and competitive examination trainers can use our platform to conduct their training to wider audience as well as to take advantage of our advanced digital services, please contact our sales team for details.

The student can register student and select the classes, then need to checkout and pay admission fee and pay fee as monthly, quarterly or yearly payment option.

All registered student will get portal access to login and get details about the classes purchased, assigned teachers and needed link to attend the online classes. The portal also includes the homework details, examination results and the feedback from teachers.

All parents of enrolled students will get access to the portal, which will be a summarized details if you have more than one student attending the Zkools online tuition. It includes the progress of the student I the class and feedback from teachers.

All people with proper education and experience can register with us as a tutor to offer one to one tuition for the students. We will review your application, resume and profile carefully, if we feel comfortable with your credential then we will arrange an interview with an expert from the company to evaluate your skillset. Once we selected, we will give proper onboarding process and training to use our platform and publish your credential on our website to get potential students to get your one-to-one tutoring service.