Welcome to zkools is an online learning portal designed to meet the challenges and address the shortfalls in our current online education system. A group of elite academic scholars and technology experts joined together and designed portal to make a difference in online education. The academic advisors on our team are career educators who have educated thousands of students and mentored many PhD scholars in their field of studies. Our team evaluated currently available online education platforms, understood its strengths and deficiencies. Working with our technology group we designed an online education portal to meet the current challenges and to overcome the deficiencies in online education. Our purpose was to enhance the online learning experience by combining academic best practices and advanced technology.

Our approach is to help students by bringing expert teachers in each subject and combine with the latest technology in online teaching to enrich the students learning experience. In addition to an online classroom we offer small group settings where teachers can directly interact with students to provide further assistance and mentorship as needed. Students identified as exceptional will be assisted with advanced study material, coaching, and guidance to develop their full potential.

Our platform can also be customized and used by educational institutions, tutors and exam coaching centers to conduct their classes online. For a nominal monthly subscription we host their classes and this enables them to focus on education without making huge investments in hardware infrastructure, software licensing and technical expertise.

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What We Offer

Our academic advisors and technology team designed our online education portal to be flexible to adapt to current and future education challenges.


Academic and Technology integration

We have incorporated the latest in technology that allows us to seamlessly bring together an expert educator and the best reference libraries and educational materials from around the world to the student’s portal. We also will be able to utilize emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and hologram to support virtual three-dimensional imagery to enhance the learning experience.

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English language classes are taught by American teachers.

This will greatly enhance their English-speaking skills, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and general command of the language. From our experience living in the United States, we have noticed that with appropriate training proper accent can be picked up easily at a younger age and scientific studies in this respect also support this concept.

Top level private schools in the Middle East as well as China are hiring American teachers to teach English language. These schools generally charge higher tuition fee for classes taught by American teachers making it unaffordable to ordinary people. portal is designed and developed in the United States and current advancements in technology allows us to bring exceptional English language instruction led by American tutors to India at an affordable rate.

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Ability to download recorded classes and playback anywhere even without an internet connection.

All online classes will be recorded and saved in server. Students can login to their portal using the provided link and download any class recording to their own device. This allows them to go back and re-play any class at their own convenience even without internet connectivity. All recorded classes will be available through student’s portal for the entire academic year.

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Parent Portal

At we recognize that the best results in a student’s education is achieved by the combined engagement of teachers and parents. Through our Parent Portal parents can login to see classes enrolled, student progress and teacher feedback. Parents will be able to communicate with teachers through the portal. Parents can also view payment history, upcoming payments and pay tuition using our convenient and secure payment options.

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Student Portal

All registered students will have their own portal page as soon as they login to the The portal page provides the student all the information related to the classes they are registered such as class schedule, assignments, notes and links to recorded classes. Student’s progress and teacher’s feedback will also be available in the student portal. In short, all information relevant to a student will be provided through a customized, easy to use student portal.

Teacher portal

Teacher Portal allow teachers to login and schedule online classes, send alert and notifications to all students to attend the class with a link to the online classroom. All necessary tools and forms that teachers need to conduct classes, communicate with students and parents, prepare student home works, assignments and tests are all made available in the teachers portal.

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Online Live Tuition classes

The online classes admit student to maximum of 100 students and will taught by an experienced teacher for each subject. The classes will be divided into small group, maximum of 25 students and mentored by a trained teacher. The entire classes include the following:


Online Video Class

The live online class will be taught by an experienced teacher in the subject, their expertise and ability to explain the subject will give student to understand the topic easily and generate interest to the subject.


Study Materials

The teacher and the associate teacher on each subject will provide study notes for each topic for students for reference.


Live Doubt Clarification

The live class will have an option to raise questions to get clarifications to the topic.


Recorded Classes

All classes will be recorded and placed online for students to play back the recording as much time they need for the entire academic year.